Five Ways to Maximaize Your Money While Shopping

Going on a retail therapy always leaves our wallet in the state of calamity. So much in store are very pricey, and if sometimes we do give in because we just lack the ability to control ourselves when shopping sometimes. We gotta admit that some of the items we buy are only used once or left at the bottom of our closet, unused.


In times like these when we could really say that it was money NOT well spent. So to avoid this from happening ever again, we should keep in mind a few wise shopping tips the next time we go store hopping.


Put thrift shops/garage sales at the top of your list or create a huge list of women’s clothing stores. If you plan on going on a shopping spree, go to thrift shops or garage sales first. There are a number of rare finds hidden in a shop full of second hand clothes. You may even find genuine vintage items and original high-end brand items in a thrift shop if you look hard enough. In garage sales, most owners just aim to clear out their stuff. It doesn’t matter if they used it once or never at all, but it just needs to go. You’re lucky to buy items still in good condition for a cheaper price! You may not even need to go to the branded shops anymore.


The sale season is your best friend. Be the first to go to the sale and grab plus size jumpsuits and rompers and what’s left of the hottest items in store at a lower price. Also, when you see a new arrival, don’t buy it right away because there will always be a sale after a while. If not a sale, there are times when a store would lower prices or come up with buy-one-take-one deals.

Buy items when it’s off-season. Winter clothes are cheaper when it’s not winter, just like bikinis being cheaper when it’s not summer. It may be harder to find though but if you do find some items that are off season, you might as well buy something you like before it’s priced higher when the right season for it comes.


Focus on your current size. If you’re a size 4 now, buy the pants you want in size 4. Don’t involve your fitness goals when shopping because that’s a sure waste of money if you buy a skirt that’s 2 size smaller just to keep you motivate to run that treadmill and take those crossfit classes. That just ends up sitting pretty in your closet, unused. That is not how to maximize your money now, is it?


Keep in mind that quality items are always money well-spent. There are some beauty and skincare products such as the kendal professional diamond microdermabrasion machine hb sf02 or some clothing items that need your investment. It may be a little over your budget, but if it’s a classic staple and if it lasts longer then why not? It’s better to buy a $70 shirt that looks good and durable, rather than that $10 that already looks like it’s gonna fall apart after one use.