Five Fashion Hacks Women Should Know

It’s inevitable to come across problems in our daily life, and fashion problems aren’t an exception. If only there was a fashion guru with us all the time to help us with our little fashion problems. However, there a few encounters that we could solve ourselves. Adding these tips to our stock knowledge could make our lives easier.

Having too much clothes can be a problem and a messy closet is not gonna help. Make use  of hangers to see which clothes and champagne sequin bridesmaid dress you don’t really wear. This would be easier to spot clothes that you have been hiding in your closet so you can remember to wear them more often. Hang up those rompers for women to get a better of view of it, and toss the ones you don’t like anymore.

Got clothes from the vintage or the thrift shop down the road? Remove unwanted odors in clothes with vodka and water solution. Mix one part vodka and two parts water to make a successful fashion operation.

There are garments that are literally too hard to wear but fear not, there’s a way to soften them. Make t-shirts soft with one quart of water and one half cup salt. Immerse in this salt water solution for three days and then wash normally afterwards. Instead of giving it away, just save your money with this hack and go buy electronics online or something.

Restore the beauty of your leather bag or leather boots with moisturizer. Put a little moisturizer on a cotton swab and rub it on the scratch on leather. Once you’ve got it off, it will be good as new.

Save time by skipping the line at the fitting room with this hack. Wrap the waist of the pants around your neck and if it’s in your size, it won’t overlap and it will most likely fit you. Now you have more time to have some coffee after shopping jumpsuits and rompers for women.

The next time you encounter some of these fashion dilemmas, just remember these five little hacks to save time and make life easier. Always remember, life may not always be perfect but your outfit can be!