3 Secrets on How To Come Up with Great Business Ideas

With a new wave of generation dominating the world, a new sense of drive and motivation takes place. This is why there are fresh businesses arising here and there for everyone to enjoy. In the business industry full of creative individuals, it is not new to think that successful businesses grew from a small idea which is formed by paying attention to everyday life.


Being a great entrepreneur is being observant, alert, and creative. Here’s a few tips on how to find opportunities every day!


  1. Go to different places. It’s quite difficult to come up with something amazing just by staying in one place. Some of the greatest things are discovered in roads not taken, so be adventurous and keep your eyes open! Travel, meet new people, research and discover. Ideas are everywhere.


  1. Study how others do it. Because ideas are everywhere, someone somewhere must’ve already tried to solve them. Grab every opportunity to learn because that’s how being an entrepreneur is — you never stop learning. Observe the system of service of a travel agency, take in every detail of the packaging of your energy drink, or how this certain company advertises their products. Think of ways you could make it better. Make a habit of noticing how others solve a problem and you’re well on your way to making that money-making dream a reality.


  1. List down opportunities. Never let an idea go to waste just because you were too lazy to take note of it. It’s easy to open the notes on your phone or even just texting it to yourself and write it down formally later. Observe everyday problems and see if you can think of ways to solve it. You can also start with yourself. What do you find disturbing? What could be easier, more exciting or more convenient? You’d be surprised how these little things could lead you to a new business idea.


If you look around the world then you will come up a list of profitable business for sale, it’s actually full of useful ideas that have the potential to be something big and great. Just keep your eyes and mind open, and go explore the world. In order to be successful in the industry, always remember that “An entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business. It is someone who makes things happen” (Tim Ferris).