Top 4 timeless fashion

From the time being, fashion has played a big role in our society. It is one of the greatest invention man had discovered, and it has well-preserved that its purpose stays the same as a functional tool for the human kind. Let’s be real. Everyone is bringing back the fashion that our grandparents used to wear before, however not everything is reincarnating.


        This fashion wear keeps on coming back, because ladies love plus size swimwear for women and it when their apparel would emphasize their curves without wearing too much. Many women would prefer wearing dresses rather than the less conservative one. A feminine lady would definitely loves to wear these without hesitations.


        Aside from the fact that there are many who protests against using the animal skin for fashion clothing, this has never gone out of style as it complements any season with the color of beige, brown and black. Though, this started when Europeans started colonizing the continent of Africa and Asia, they came back holding a leopard, tiger and jaguar skin with them. Even if it requires killing of animals to produce its fabric, there’s nothing to worry, because there is a technology that duplicates the animal skin artificially, without killing an innocent animal.


        It is not surprising in the fashion industry to cross borders from lady-like clothe to manly one. A lady that wears plus size tankini swimsuits this kind of clothing is not associated with her sexual preference; she can only express herself by wearing men-inspired clothing. This is most likely to be worn for women who work in the office.


        This can be associated by lady-like clothing, but this is a different category. Anything that has a floral pattern symbolizes a nature-lover personality. It soothes the color of the floral to an autumnal season. That’s a thing for floral patterns as it also emphasizes the feminine side of a woman, who loves nature that much.

Everything in fashion industry matters to them, as it represents anything that the wearer pursues.